Air Conditioned Consulting Rooms

  • Our doctors consulting rooms are spacious and have air conditioning.
  • All our OP consulting rooms are equipped with central oxygen and suction supplies to tackle any emergencies.

Emergency Services

At our hospital 24×7 doctors are available and we offer emergency services any time of the day or night. Our hospital has a central oxygen and suction supply in all areas including OP consultation rooms, first aid room, In-patient rooms, ICU, Operation theatre and Labour (delivery) room. We have all the facilities available to tackle any emergency for resuscitation and stabilization.

Computerized X-ray

We have the latest computerized x-ray facilities which gives precise picture for better diagnosis of ailments when indicated.

Ultrasound Scan (USG) and Doppler

Our hospital houses one of the best ultrasound scan machines and we offer our patients with the following services in the scan department:

  • USG abdomen and Pelvis (Kindly come with a full urinary bladder for better visualization).
  • Transvaginal USG
  • Antenatal USG (for pregnant women)
  • Thyroid USG
  • Scrotal USG
  • Breast USG
  • Doppler scan for arteries
  • Doppler scan for veins
  • Doppler scan for carotid arteries (neck)

ECHO (Echocardiography)

We have a high quality 2D ECHO machine and provide an ECHO report along with an expert cardiologist opinion. An ECG is mandatory before an ECHO and hence patients are requested to arrive 15 minutes earlier for your ECHO appointment to allow time for taking an ECG as well.

24 hours Pharmacy

We have an excellent in-house pharmacy which stocks all emergency drugs which caters to our IP as well as OP patients. Our pharmacy is operational 24 hours.
(Kindly note that we follow a strict safety protocol and hence medications are dispensed only if the patients have a prescription form a registered medical practitioner.)

24 hours Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory is NABL certified and we take great amount of diligence before giving out our lab reports. We provide lab facilities for both our OP and IP patients. We try our level best to offer almost all lab investigations under one roof without any hassle and once the investigations are done, we whatsapp the reports directly to the registered mobile number given by the patients. Our laboratory services are available 24 hours.

Operation Theatres (OT)

We have a state-of-the-art OT complex including 2 major OTs and 1 minor OT in our premises.
Our modular OT is equipped with the following striking features:

  • HEPA filter (for protection against microbes and other dust particles)
  • Laminar flow AC (again prevents entry of microbes)
  • C-arm (similar to a mobile X-ray Unit)
  • Autoclave and ETO (to aid in perfect sterilization of our surgical instruments and drapes)

STORZ Full HD Laparoscopic set

As we all are well aware that minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgeries are widely preferred by surgeons and patients to minimize hospital stay and bounce back to normal life sooner.
At our hospital we have great concern for our patient’s safety and hence we offer them only the best. For this reason, we have imported the KARL STORZ Laparoscopic equipments from Germany to offer great precision and better quality of surgery to each and every one of our patients.

ICU with ventilator

At our hospital we take utmost care to look out for each and every patient. Hence, we have built a fantastic ICU with 7 beds with the following facilities:

  • Best quality monitor for each patient
  • Defibrillator (for emergency resuscitation)
  • 2 BIPAP and 1 CPAP (for non-invasive ventilation)
  • Ventilator (for invasive ventilation)

Labour (delivery) Room

We understand that all mothers need privacy during the time of delivery and hence our delivery room offers the benefit of privacy (only one patient will be in a room at the time of delivery) along with everything needed to tackle any emergency. Of course, we also take care of the little new family member arriving as well and hence we own the following:

  • Infant radiant warmer
  • Phototherapy unit (used when babies have jaundice in the newborn period)


Our physiotherapy unit offers great rehabilitation services to our IP patients post-surgery as well as caters to our OP patients to relieve chronic pain conditions. It comprises of IFT and traction facilities as well for the benefit of our patients. Also, OP based regular physiotherapy sessions are undertaken as per doctor’s advice.

In-Patient Rooms

At our hospital, we maintain a high standard of patient care for every single patient of ours. Hence, we offer vast spacious rooms along with beautiful aeration. Each room includes,

  • An adjustable patient cot (various positions can be adjusted according to the patient’s needs)
  • An attender cot
  • One bedside cabinet for storage
  • One tall wardrobe for storage
  • One TV entertainment unit
  • One dining table along with 2 chairs

  • One arm chair for the patient

We have single AC and Non-AC rooms to choose from, all of which are enabled with hot water facilities.