At MEDWIN HOSPITAL, Trichy road, Coimbatore, a 1 year and 3 month old girl baby was operated for craniosynostosis ( a condition where the sutures of the skull bones fuse prematurely).The incidence of this condition is 1 in 2500 live births. The surgery done was Craniofacial Advancement. The ideal age for surgery to be done is between 1 and 1 ½ years. The only modality of treatment is to perform a corrective surgery according to the extent of deformity. If delayed it may lead to various problems like eye disorders, growth retardation and decreased mental functions. These surgeries are lengthy procedures which are very high in cost.

The parents said that they first noticed the deformity when the child was just 1 month old with deformities of the skull and overtly protuberent eyes. They approached various hospitals for treatment where all, they were advised surgery after 1 year of age; but were worried about the high cost of the surgery and hence consulted at Medwin Hospital with Dr.Thomas Joseph a neurosurgeon. At the hospital, surgery was done by a team of expert doctors comprising of Neurosurgeon – Dr.Thomas Joseph, Plastic surgeon – Dr.John Oommen and Anaesthesiologist – Dr.S.Venkatachalam for around 6 and a half hours. The risk of anaesthetising a 1 year 3 month old child for over 6 hours is very high yet this child is now back to her normal self and has been discharged. Post surgery the hospital stay is 5 days.The parents are also very happy with the outcome. This case has proved that major multi-specialty surgical procedures can be done in small hospitals with all modern techniques at a very affordable cost.